Friday, August 15, 2008

New Items

I have been working on some new purses for little girls. I have these four and each one of the sayings that I have on them can be used on any of these colors, dark Pink, Lavender, Purple, black, Turquoise, Teal and light pink. I made one for my niece in white with the princess part on it. I added a little hand made crochet wallet. She loved it so much. She is 3 and today she called crying to tell me someone stole it. I had to make her another one as fast as I could so she could come get it today. It was heartbreaking to hear her cry and to find out someone stole it, but made me happy that she loved it so much. My daughter loves them as well. My niece is 3 and my daughter is 5. I am finding that they are like in a range of ages for little girls. I have them up for auction on ebay right now asking $8.00. What do you think?? I would love comments.


Sonya said...

These bags are adorable!! I love them! You have so many great ideas on here. I love the pencil cases from the wipes boxes.

Sandi Brown said...

Sorry to hear about your problems with getting people to your site, I am having the same problems. I have added your blog to my blog roll and hope you will do the same
Would you be interested in working with me, maybe putting some of your things on my site to sell? Let me know,

buy domain said...

New items are looking good. And i like that blue item because its my favorite color. You have good ideas.