Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby Bows

I learned a few things today and thought that I would share them. The first one is that its worth it to wait in the line at the post office for shipping. I tried to go to the local UPS store and the shipping was double and the time to get there was double. I will now always go to the Local Post office unless someone else has experience with the best place to ship.

The second thing that I learned how to make was baby bows, I love them and I have been dying to make some for my site. I am really trying to convert my site to a boutique of things filled with baby items, childrens items and items for mom all hand crafted. Take a look at my youngest in her new little bow.


Petula Wright said...

Those are cute! Do you have to tie them on or is it velcro?

mom2four said...

These are made with a clip that just slides right into her hair.