Sunday, June 29, 2008

Etsy Store

How many Woman and men that make hand made things and crafts have and Etsy Store. I actually did a search for my diaper wipe cases and I found a few others that are doing the same things. I need to find a site that I am the only one making them lol wishful thinking. I wish that I knew if I was wasting my time or if it was worth it for me to keep at it. I dropped off a few at the baby resale store the other day with a flyer because I cant afford business cards yet. Hopefully that will pay off and they will not just get stolen off the counter top. We will see.

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julianbaglady said...

Julian Baglady here-
Don't loose heart. Self-promotion is the hardest thing for most of us. I'm always wondering if the next new design is a winner or just a monumental waste of time. FYI-Vista Print has pretty good prices when you are ready to get business cards. You can check them out online.