Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Products

Well I have been working on some new items and trying to come up with some more. I have a new beanie style hat that is not so mesh and looks really cute on the older girls. I have made a water bottle holder for girls so that it measures perfectly to fit their hip and it holds the smaller bottle for girls to be able to handle it. I made this apron for little girls and adults out of my head so I am not sure if I like it yet. And then there is the cupcake purse. I love the concept but I am still coming up with ideas in my head of how I can change it. SO I love comments and I love to know what you think. Please tell me what you think of my new items.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Etsy Banners and Store Signs

I love creating banners and store signs and I thought I would share my latest one that I made for Heather. She sells diaper cakes and just started her store on Etsy. Stop by and take a look at her stuff, she does wonderful work. The banner at the bottom is her sign for her Etsy store I made her but i cant upload the exact size and then the banner is true to size 468x60.

Diaper Cake Banner

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Dirty Shirt and Momagenda

There is a really great giveaway over at The Dirty Shirt, if anyone has ever seen the momagenda's they are amazing and perfect for any mother that wants to keep organized. Over at The Dirty Shirt she is having a giveaway to win a Momagenda Desktop. This is a great giveaway for any busy woman or busy mom. If you have never entered into a giveaway on someones blog now would be a perfect time to start.

5 Minutes for Mom

I think that I am addicted to this blog. You can go there and find something new everyday. Right now they are having some amazing giveaways for Christmas as well as a great giveaway for families that cant provide for their children called under the tree. You could go check out what they have to giveaway, the list is a long and exciting one. Or if you know a family that cant provide for themselves you can nominate them at the under the tree giveaway.

Christmas Giveaway Sleigh 120x240

Thursday, November 6, 2008

On Halloween I made cupcakes for the kids to enjoy, I know silly of me when they are only going to get a ton of candy trick or treating. but it was the thought that counted hehe. 5 minutes for mom is having a Fun with Food contest and I thought I would share this pictures of my 7 kids and their fun with chocolate. The baby really gets into it when I give her sweets, she put those goldfish down in a second. So you should check out the Fun with Food contest over at 5 minutes for Mom. You could win groceries and believe me a family of 9 with 7 of them being kids could really use that prize.

Huge Giveaway

Enter the Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza, sponsored by Moms United in Business LLC, celebrating the launch of Resources for Work at Home Moms,! Come celebrate with us, and enter for your chance to win an awesome prize package, just in time for the holidays! Over $850.00 in prizes! You will NOT want to miss this! Enter at

Time to get back to basics

well with things being as tight as they are for everyone and everyone all trying to "pinch pennies" the best they know how, its time to get back to basics. Time to cut coupon's and get organized. You can save so much when you take the time to cut coupons and follow store ads and with the couponizer it all can be so simple. This wire bound organizer keeps everything organized and in its place so that saving money can be a cinch. Why not check it out and get yours today.

My first award

I received my first award and I am so happy and so excited that there are really people reading my blog. I cant believe that all the sleepless nights and hard work is finally maybe paying off. I have been working on keeping my kids out of daycare for about 6 months now. I have been crafting and trying to turn that love into a business. No one told me it would be this hard, but just getting this award has brightened my day. Thank you so much to anyone and everyone that is reading my blog! This award was given to me by Ken at Dad to Two, thank you so much!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Family Fun Magazine

I just love this magazine, it is one of my favorite to read and I pick it up as much as I can. If you love this magazine as much as I do then you should check out My Mommy Time Online, she is having a giveaway and the winner gets a free year of Family Fun.

Doing the ChaCha

I just found this really cool place to make some extra more info..
ChaCha is like having a smart friend you can call or text for answers on your cell phone anytime for free! ChaCha works with virtually every provider and allows people with any mobile phone device - from basic flip phones to advanced smart phones - to ask any question in conversational English and receive an accurate answer as a text message in just a few minutes.

We make money by being a ChaCha Guide...
What does a Guide do?
ChaCha Guides help answer questions from our customers. We provide professional search training and custom tools to turbo charge the process…you provide the brainpower to analyze the question and craft high quality answers. Once you’re onboard as a Guide, simply log in and work whenever you want.

There are 4 different Guide Roles...
Expeditors are like the Air Traffic Controllers of the ChaCha world. It’s your speedy, savvy work that keeps the questions flying in a swift, orderly fashion to the right places. Whether they departed the customer’s phone as voice or text, you are responsible for their on-time arrival in the hands of the right Specialist. At times, you’ll even intercept questions yourself and provide an instant answer to the customer.

As an Expeditor, you sit at the crux of the system, converting all incoming questions into a standard form, determining if answers already exist, and categorizing the questions so they’re routed to the best available Guides. We think the Expeditor role is a perfect fit for Guides who prefer a more systematic set of tasks. Roger, that!

Generalists are the ChaCha version of the know-it-all, the renaissance man/woman, or the resourceful friend everyone calls. You are able to comprehend, research, and answer any question thrown at you, regardless of subject matter.

Though you possess many of the same attributes as a Specialist, you enjoy the thrill of the unexpected, and possess the Internet search skills to make you seem like an expert even when you’re not. You are resourceful with a capital “R” and enjoy helping customers while continually learning new things.

Specialists research and craft answers to customer questions that fall into areas of their particular knowledge and interests. Working from a well formed question that the Expeditor delivers, the Specialist blazes a fast trail on the Web to an accurate answer from an authoritative source.

Your key distinction as a Specialist is in signing up for specific ChaCha Categories, so that you are first in line to receive incoming Questions that match your respective expertise. Because as a Specialist you’re able to focus your skills and energies on answering questions of greater familiarity, you can handle question volume faster and more efficiently.

Transcribers are the Guides who make ChaCha’s voice answer service the absolute smartest one anywhere. As a Transcriber, you listen to the voice questions that customers call into 1-800-2ChaCha and convert them to text questions.

You’re knowledgeable about people, places and things, and have sharp ears to interpret even muffled questions (possibly from a crowded subway or noisy restaurant). In other words, you’re far better than any computer at deducing what our customers are asking, and correctly interpreting nuances and names. (Note: This is not like being a telephone operator — you hear only recorded audio.)

I am a SMS Guide which is a generalist/specialist and I love it!

Put my email address in the who referred you part
Just go here to sign up

Monday, November 3, 2008

Great Gifts for under 10 dollars

Since we are in November I was thinking that maybe once a week or so maybe more that I would post gifts that I find that are under 10 dollars. I think with the budget so bad right now that everyone could use a little bit of penny pinching help. My first gift is this cute Mary Engelbreit gift set. You get 10 notecards with matching envelopes, a wire bound journal, and a list pad that is magnetic. All these cute items come wrapped in tissue paper and in a cute tin already to put a bow on and your gift is ready to go. They are only $8.00 before shipping. Find them at Giggles and Dimples.

The Cutest ever!!

Ok I am going to be changing my blog over the next week or so to see what the best one is so I need your help. I have been looking for a blog over haul for a long time now and thank you to The Cutest Blog on the Block I have been able to do that. I just cant figure out which one I like best. Please leave comments if you like the one you see and if you are looking for a change visit The Cutest Blog on the Block.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Earn Money Instantly

If you are looking to make some money online you should check this out. very easy to do, doesnt take much time and you can be paid instantly into your paypal account. Even a very low payout minimum. Only $2.00, so please take a look and start earning some extra holiday money now.

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Products

I have been working on some new products and wanted to show them here. I hope that I can get some comments on what people think of them. The Beanie is a toddler/girls beanie and comes in all colors and the flower is in different colors as well. The little girls purse is a variation of my other purse but I decided to add names and personalize them more. The names are done in white, black, pink, and glitter. Please let me know what you think.

Monday, October 6, 2008

They Grow so fast!

My baby figured out how to use a spoon this weekend and really is enjoying using it all by herself. I was not sure if she could do it so I handed it to her and wow look at her go! They always seem to grow so fast and you blink and they are telling you "whatever" like my 9 year old is doing. I just had to share.